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Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis, review by Tony Cappellini

by Tony Cappellini posted on Apr 24, 2011 06:55 AM last modified Mar 18, 2012 11:37 PM —

The Arduino Cookbook is a hefty tome, weighing in at 631 pages with minimal space covering introductory material. Page xvi refers to “What was left Out” which has references for programming, electronics and hardware. I’m glad to see this material isn’t duplicated in this book.


 There are 17 Chapters of “recipes”, enough to keep one experimenting for a very long time. Additionally, these recipes are sure to evoke ideas for other experiments not covered in this book. The recipes cover a wide range of topics that are suited for beginners to advanced hobbyists.

Chapter 8 covers Physical Output, servos, motors and motor control circuitry. I’ve wanted to play with servos for a long time; I no longer have any excuses.

 Chapter 15 is particularly interesting in that the projects show you how to create static web pages to interact with your Arduino. You don’t need to have a background in web programming, and you’ll have your favorite browser talking to the Arduino quickly.

 Sensors, displays, serial, wireless and Ethernet interfaces, audio, RTC’s, interrupts and coding conventions. They are all covered in this book. Little is left out. 

 Everything one could want in a book of microcontroller projects is here. It’s thorough, practical, has a wide scope and is easy to follow even if you are new to the Arduino. I’m looking forward to making some of these projects.

I recommend this book to everyone who currently uses Arduinos or is just thinking about learning how to use them. You won’t be disappointed.

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