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We are the Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group. No membership is required and beginners are welcome!

Thursday, July 21, 2016 Meeting


Note: The meeting for July is a week earlier than normal (third Thursday instead of fourth). This is to avoid traffic congestion caused by a concert scheduled for Shoreline Amphitheater on the 28th. Thanks to Peter and LinkedIn for agreeing to the change.

Please RSVP here so we can track for food and chairs:


Topic: Hacking Math Class with Python

Speaker: Peter Farrell


Math instruction is stuck in the 19th Century and it's in dire need of modernization. Computer programming in Python has the potential to make math class more relevant, meaningful and engaging.
Programming can not only achieve the goals we've always had for math students - to be able to think computationally and build algebraic and geometric tools to solve problems - but it can be used to explore math topics beyond the reach of traditional methods. Using Python, students can create fractals, cellular automata and 3D models to help them learn math or science topics. And it looks cool!
Anybody interested in education, math or Python should attend!


  • Algebra and Geometry (15 minutes)
  • Calculus (10 minutes)
  • Fractals (5 minutes)
  • Cellular Automata (5 minutes)
  • The Raspberry Pi in Education (5 minutes)

Speaker Bio

Peter Farrell was a math and computer science teacher for 13 years and collected his projects into the book Hacking Math Class: Exploring Math Through Computer Programming last year. At the recent PyCon, Guido bought a copy, saying, "There's a lot of good stuff in here."

Meetup available to register

BayPiggies has a group on
The more people that RSVP, the more newcomers will be interested in attending (no one likes being the first one at a party). Thanks! We've removed any attendance limits, so there should be no problem with signing up.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 7:00 pm Networking (note we are starting 30 minutes earlier than the April meeting)
  • 7:15 pm Announcements and presentation
  • 8:45 pm Random access
  • 9:00 pm Event ends

Location:                 LinkedIn

2025 Stierlin Ct., Mountain View, CA (map). This is Building 3. The entrance is on the side facing Building 2.

Meeting Room:       Unite (On the second floor)


If you wish to post jobs here, please go to : Job Listings

Special note to presenters using a Mac:

If you will be giving a presentation using a Mac, please bring your own Mac to VGA adapter. LinkedIn does not provide these and this is the one accessory which Mac users sometimes forget to bring.

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